Giỏ hàng

Social Responsibility

EVP of NS2PC: A good primary health system has well controlled epidemics in the community
EVP/PGM of NS2PC: Cultural house – a place that connects village relationship and neighborliness
Tet Reunion – Spring Sharing!
If community members are happy, then the community will be happy.
NS2PC: Deliver medical and educational equipment for Hai Binh ward.
NS2PC: Awarded scholarships -
NS2PC: Celebrate the Great National Solidarity Festival in community.
Efficiency from organic farming practice models
NS2PC joins hands to build
NS2PC: Support trash bins for Lien Vinh village
Chairman of Hai Thuong Ward People's Committee: “Previously, we only saw clean water on TV and in the city”
Corporate social responsibility from a legal and ethical perspective
Inspiring the Corporate social responsibility of Nghi Son 2 Power Limited Liability Company.
NS2PC joins hands for the community
Villagers rejoice at having clean water.