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NS2PC joins hands to build "Firefighting points in residential areas"

In response to the National Fire Prevention and Fighting Day on October 4, in the morning of October 3, 2023, Hai Ha Commune People's Committee, Hai Ha Commune Police and NS2PC organized a launching ceremony of “Interfamily Fire Prevention and Safety” and “Public fire fighting point” in Hai Ha commune; Propagate and induct the legal knowledge on fire prevention and rescue.

Attended the Ceremony:

From the local authority, there were: Lieutenant Colonel Bui Van Huynh, Deputy Chief of Nghi Son Town Police, Secretary of Hai Ha Commune Party’s Committee, Chairman of Hai Ha Commune People's Committee; Secretary, Village Head and members of the model.

From NS2PC's side, there was Mr. Nguyen Van Thien, G&A General Manager.


Fire prevention, fighting, and rescue is always a critical issue for all levels of organizations, especially in recent times, many fire accidents have occurred, causing serious damage to people and property.

Hai Ha is a coastal commune, the roads are narrow, the population is high, and fire prevention and fighting work is still limited. Identifying above problem, implementing the request of Hai Ha Commune Police and Hai Ha Commune People's Committee, NS2PC has supported the firefighting equipment to set up 8 public fire prevention points and 7 inter-family fire prevention points in 8 villages of Hai Ha commune includes: Fire extinguishers, rules, regulations, hammers, hatchet, bolt cutters, crowbar, bell and fire alarm....

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Thien, G&A General Manager, would like to express deeply thanks to NS2PC for joining hands with the locality to build fire protection points in residential areas. This is a new and important model that needs to be evaluated for propaganda and expansion in the community.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thien

Lieutenant Colonel Bui Van Huynh, Deputy Head of Nghi Son Town Police, said that the fire and explosion situation is still complicated and unpredictable. To well implement Plan No. 36/CANS dated January 30, 2023 of Nghi Son Town Police Chief on expanding the model "Interfamily group for Fire safety and prevention" and "Public fire fighting point" in the town area; Hai Ha commune leaders are requested to continue to review points at risk of fire and explosion, develop plans to propagate the law on fire prevention and fighting, and to allocate resources so that each household is equipped with a fire extinguisher and fire prevention and rescue rules.

Mr. Bui Van Huynh

Mr. Tran Binh Thuan, Chairman of Hai Ha Commune People's Committee, on behalf of the leaders and people of Hai Ha commune, thanked NS2PC for the help in recent times, which has contributed to promoting socio-economic development and environmental protection, especially supporting equipment to build public and inter-family fire protection points. Without NS2PC’s support, it will take 2 years to collect enough funds to buy the above equipment, he emphasized.

Mr. Tran Binh Thuan

Mr. Mai Hung Tu, Head of Ha Thanh village, commits to managing and using equipment for the right purpose to promote long-term effectiveness.

Mr. Mai Hung Tu

See photos of the ceremony at here