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NS2PC: Deliver medical and educational equipment for Hai Binh ward.

On December 14, 2023, Nghi Son 2 Power Limited Liability Company (NS2PC) handed over medical and educational equipment to the Health Care Station and Kindergarten in Hai Binh ward, Nghi Son town.

Hai Binh Ward has been the resettlement location for villagers of Ha Tay 2 village, Hai Ha commune since 2011, who handed over the land to build Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Plant and Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant (NS2PC was established in 2014, built the plant in 2018). Over the past years, NS2PC has always been grateful to the villagers of Ha Tay 2 village with their care, encouragement, and support for building a sports entertainment complex, upgrading the village cultural house and other CSR programs.

According to Mr. Dong Phuc Trieu, head of Ha Tay 2 village: "This sports complex is the worthiest in Nghi Son town, so every day it is crowded with local people and other communes/wards coming to play".

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Thien, General Manager of G&A Department, expressed his joy when NS2PC joined hands with the local government and people to improve medical & educational facilities, contributing to improving the quality of health examination and teaching methods.


Mr. Tran Van Son, Chairman of Hai Binh Ward People's Committee acknowledged and thanked NS2PC for the help of these practical equipment. In recent years, the medical station facilities and schools of Hai Binh ward have received considerable investment. However, to meet the needs of medical examination, treatment, and teaching, other essential equipment is necessary. We hope to receive more support of NS2PC in the coming years.


On this occasion, he requested the Health Care Station and Kindergarten to come up with a plan to preserve and use equipment properly, for the right purpose, to promote long-term effectiveness, to reduce parents' contributions and demonstrate the responsibility to sponsors.

NS2PC’s support items:

  1. Hai Binh Health Care Station:

Suction machine 1 tank Yuwell (01); Oxygen generator 5 litre (01); Desiccator 71L(01); Minor operation instrument set with 12 tools (03); Blood pressure monitor Medel Elite (02); Examination light Riester Clar (01); Industrial fans (02); Documentary cabinets (02); Medicine reservation boxes (02); Banner.

  1. Hai Binh Kindergarten:

Smart TVs Samsung 4K 55 inch (04); Toys cabinet (18); Outdoor slide (01); Industrial cooker (01).


Some pictures at the ceremony