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NS2PC: Awarded scholarships - "You deserve it"

On December 3, 2023, Nghi Son 2 Power Limited Liability Company (NS2PC) has awarded the scholarships to 132 students, who overcame difficulties and/or had an excellent study result in the school year 2022 – 2023 in Hai Thuong ward, Tinh Hai ward and Hai Ha commune.


Attending the Ceremony:

Representatives of NS2PC: Mr. Wajima Takuo – Deputy Director of Operation, and CSR Department.

From community: Leaders of Ward/Commune People's Committee; Education Promotion Association, villages, teachers at schools, and 132 students and their parents.


In recent years, NS2PC has awarded scholarships to 500 students in surrounding communities. At this time, NS2PC would like to congratulate 132 students who deserve to receive NS2PC’s scholarships. Although the scholarship is not much cost, it is important that the teachers, village and commune leaders, and NS2PC highly appreciate and recognize the student’s effort.

Many students only think about someone’s rich and fame. However, in order to approach these achievements, they might overcome more challenges in the past. I feel very privileged and touched to see your “perseverance”, “effort” achieves high results. It is such an amazing emotion for me personally to know that there are always these support out these assisting students in their education pursuit. The investment in education is a great investment for our future.

Most of the students in attendance at this ceremony come from underprivileged households. Some of you have not achieved excellent results in study, some of you are not confident. But I always believe and appreciate you. It is your family's difficult life that has created opportunities for you to experience, have insight, and think deeply. My child is the same age as you, living in the city, and has better material conditions than you and I used to have, but I don't appreciate it. I think that your circumstances make you stronger and more experienced, which helps you to easily pass the challenges than my child.

Poor grades in school do not mean poor grades in life. Many bosses, leaders, and even scientists have low grades in their studies. The common they have is that they are always confident in overcoming difficulties, have good soft skills, and are good at solving relationships in a timely manner. The school cannot evaluate these things by scores. Students need to learn and experience for themselves.

If I don't try my best, one day soon, I will have to come to you to ask for a job. But I'm not sure you will accept me. That is the rule of life.

Today, we are very honored to welcome the children's parents to share the happiness at this ceremony. The parents always spent the love to the children despite of their difficulty. The parents also have the dream of having a big house and property, and a car like other families. If anyone wants to exchange villas, cars, gold and silver for you, your parents will certainly never accept. This is the infinite love and trust that parents have for their children. In order not to disappoint their parents' faith and hope, they need to take specific actions. Love alone is not enough, but you need money to take care of your parents when they get old and sick. What happens when the person you love the most is sick or in trouble and you have no money? So if you want money, you must have a job. If you want a job, you must study, learn from school and learn from friends.

The Nghi Son Economic Zone, your hometown, gathers domestic and foreign elites to invest and make a profit. The Japanese, Koreans, Singaporeans... they used to have more difficulties than us, but now they have surpassed us strongly, because they always try to overcome difficulties. It is your efforts and overcoming difficulties today that will contribute to the development of your homeland and hope that you will bring Vietnamese technology abroad to invest, make a profit, and also receive admiring eyes and words of gratitude from host country.

A developed society not only needs good engineers and doctors, but also needs creative farmers, talented chefs, thoughtful garbage collectors, visionary leaders..., if only one of these links is missed, then society is not yet developed. To become those links, everyone must learn, must go through difficult challenges, make their family proud.

Finally, I wish you all to always maintain the spirit of overcoming difficulties, being confident, constantly learning to have the opportunity to help yourself, your family and your homeland; Your parents and grandparents always hope for that!

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