Giỏ hàng


In fact, the life standard of rural people is changing in every day and is approaching the higher level. In the past, the people set goals"Warm clothes, well fed". Only that, you are happier than others! When there is enough food to eat and enough clothes to keep warm, people will aim higher to "Nice clothes, tasty food". Nowadays, many people sometimes feel uninterested in food and clothes, so the goal of "Nice clothes, tasty food" is out of date. Thus, a new trend “Fashion clothes, diet food” or “Frequent exercise, diet food” appeared.

Being aware of the above trend, in recent years, NS2PC has not only supported local communities in socio-economic development, environmental protectio, but also upgraded the cultural houses and community areas to contribute to promoting "Frequent exercise, diet food" movement in residential areas in Hai Ha commune, Hai Thuong ward, Tinh Hai ward, Nghi Son town.

On November 28, 2023, Nghi Son 2 Power Company Limited (NS2PC) handed over the playground, outdoor exercise equipment, restrooms, furniture to Ha Bac cultural house, Hai Ha commune to contribute promote the movement of practicing folk songs and folk dance,Frequent exercise, diet foodof local people.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Thien, Deputy Director of General Administration of NS2PC, expressed his joy when NS2PC was able to join hands with people to develop, share sweets, promote socio-economic development, and improve the environment. residential schools, contributing to improving the quality of life.

Mr. Thien, Deputy Director of NS2PC GA speaking at the Ceremony

Mr. Nguyen Van Huan, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Hai Ha Commune Party Committee, on behalf of the leaders and people of Hai Ha, acknowledged and thanked the meaningful and practical contributions, which NS2PC has given to the commune in recent times with the cost more than 10 billion VND, such as: Installing clean water pipeline, (currently 100% of people in Hai Ha commune have access to clean water), supported the medical and educational equipment, donated nearly 1,000 trashbins to households, more than 1,000 gifts to policy households and households with diseases and difficulties. He also asked the management board of Ha Bac Village and villagers to manage and use and maintain NS2PC's gifts for the right purpose and effectitvely, which shows the appreciation for the heart of NS2PC sponsors.

Mr. Nguyen Van Huan, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Hai Ha Commune Party Committee,

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