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Inspiring the Corporate social responsibility of Nghi Son 2 Power Limited Liability Company.

Among hundreds of investors in Nghi Son Economic Zone, Nghi Son 2 Power Limited Liability Company (NS2PC) - the investor of Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant Project is one of the leading enterprises, which supports the socio-economic development and environmental protection in the area where NS2PC located.

NS2PC is the second largest foreign-invested enterprise in Thanh Hoa province, owned by 3 investors: Korea Electricity Corporation (KEPCO - 50%), Marubeni Group (Japan - 40%), and Tohoku Electric Company, Inc (Japan – 10%). Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant was invested and built in Hai Ha commune, Nghi Son Town. This plant has the net capacity of 1,200 MW with a total investment of nearly 2.8 billion USD in the form of BOT (Build - Operate - Transfer) and will be handed over to Vietnam Electricity after 25 years of operation. The Unit 1 was officially put into commercial operation from January 11, 2022. The Unit 2 was officially put into commercial operation from July 15, 2022. When operating both units, Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant will provide electricity for production, business and more than 6 million households, making an important contribution to ensuring the national energy security.

With the goal of production integrated with environmental protection, Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Project is one of the very few coal-fired power plants in Vietnam using supercritical technology boiler (USC) with high efficiency, which significantly reduces the coal consumption, greenhouse gas emission and other environmental problems. Moreover, the investor pays more attention to implementing the program of corporate social responsibility (CSR), with more than 100 projects to improve infrastructure and facilities for schools, medical centers, health check-up for local people, and to protect the environment of residential areas, and to support the development of livelihoods for local people.

Responding to the last World Environment Day (May 5-6), NS2PC collaborated with the People's Committees of Hai Ha Commune and Hai Thuong Ward to organize the launching ceremony of clean-up program, which makes the community clean and kills larva to prevent dengue fever. On this occasion, NS2PC supported 250 trash bins for Hai Ha commune and 20 garbage trucks for Hai Thuong ward. It is known that, earlier in April, NS2PC together with Doosan Vietnam and Oldendorff donated a specialized truck to Nghi Son Environmental Center so that this center could water the trees in Nghi Son Economic Zone. At this ceremony, Mr. Hirohide Sagara, NS2PC’s CEO, said: In addition to the production and business investment, NS2PC has determined to be a reliable partner and responsible neighbor and be an active member of the community to support the community.

Yearly Clean Up Program organized by NS2PC

Comment on this program, Mr. Tran Thanh Tuan, Chairman of the Hai Ha Commune Fatherland Front recognized and highly appreciated the NS2PC's effective support. Over the years, the CSR program have been highly appreciated. Programs organized by NS2PC will certainly continue to spread the spirit and awareness of environmental protection at the coastal and residential areas.

One of the meaningful activities is an organic farming project with the collaboration of lecturers from Hong Duc University. The project supports farmer households in Hai Thuong ward and Tinh Hai ward to practice making the biological fertilizers, products, and pesticides from available materials. Mr. Tran Van Bai, Lien Trung villager in Hai Thuong ward, said that after 2 years of participating in this project, he has received the good results. When using probiotics to grow vegetables and flowers, it produces safe and good quality products that are well received by customers and sold at high prices. Not only that, this farming method also makes the soil porous, while utilizes and collects agricultural waste and by-products to reduce the environmental pollution in residential areas.

Organic gardening 

In addition to the above programs, NS2PC also organizes a series of meaningful support programs for the local community, such as installing clean water pipeline and water meters for 2,856 households, and training for 413 fishermen to obtain captain's certificates. Every year, NS2PC also allocates the fund to support equipment, health checks, equipment support, toys, scholarships for all levels of education, environmental sanitation and clean-up in Hai Ha commune, Hai Thuong and Tinh Hai wards, which counted tens of billions of dong. Especially, in October 2021, responding to the call of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Thanh Hoa province, NS2PC also supported Thanh Hoa province with 3 ventilators counted 60,000 USD to serve the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic.

Donated Water Truck for NSEZ for water tree and water the road

Mr. Tran Binh Thuan, Chairman of Hai Ha Commune People's Committee, said that NS2PC has supported the community with more than 10 billion VND. NS2PC has implemented many practical projects to improve the infrastructure and facilities of schools, medical centers, cultural houses in the villages; especially NS2PC installed clean water pipeline and meters for 2,018 households and now 100% of households in the commune can use clean water, contributing to improving the living of local people.

100% of Hai Ha Households having Clean water

Mr. Jubok Lee, NS2PC’s EVP/PGM, said: Along with production activities, NS2PC always determine and strive to become an active and responsible member in the local community. At the same time, we will accompany the local authorities and people to join hands in the socio-economic development, write the success story about a relationship of "Reliable partner, responsible neighbor”.

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