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Chairman of Hai Thuong Ward People's Committee: “Previously, we only saw clean water on TV and in the city”

“Previously, we only saw clean water on TV and in the city. Nobody has thought that now local people of Hai Thuong ward – a poor rural area also has clean water. Even Nghi Son has been upgraded to town, but only a few communes and wards have clean water’’. This is a speech of Mr. Nguyen Van Ngo – Chairman of Hai Thuong Ward People's Committee at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of clean water pipeline installation for Cao Nam and Cao Bac villages sponsored by NS2PC on September 13, 2023.


For last two years, NS2PC has installed clean water pipes for 838 households in villages including Lien Dinh, Lien Trung, Nam Hai, Ngoc Son. Now, Hai Thuong Ward is very happy that NS2PC continues installing clean water pipeline for 440 households in Cao Nam and Cao Bac village (including water meters and 20 m of pipeline from the house gate). In addition to clean water, in recent years, NS2PC has supported educational and medical equipment, renovated cultural houses, and trained farmers to make bio-fertilizers from kitchen waste and biopesticides from local materials, which count total value of more than 10 billion VND. It is respectful that NS2PC has supported the community since no revenue, Mr. Ngo emphasized.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Thien, G&A General Manager would like to thank Hai Thuong officials and the people for supporting and cooperating with NS2PC to successfully build Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant. He excited that NS2PC's support is highly appreciated, managed and used effectively by local people. He kindly requested officials and Cao Nam and Cao Bac villagers to monitor and support the contractor to perform the construction effectively and to achieve the highest quality.


Mr. Bui Van Thinh, Deputy Director of Binh Minh Construction & Construction Materials Co., Ltd. committed to constructing safely with high quality and on schedule as well as before.


Previously, in 2019 - 2020, NS2PC installed clean water pipes for 2,018 households in Hai Ha commune, currently 100% of households in Hai Ha commune have clean water for daily use.