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NS2PC: Support trash bins for Lien Vinh village

At the launching ceremony of the self-managed residential model on environmental sanitation organized by the People's Committee, Fatherland Front Committee of Tinh Hai Ward and Lien Vinh Village on September 26, 2023. NS2PC has donated 388 trash bins to 388 households in Lien Vinh village to build a self-managed residential model on environmental sanitation.

Heads of Residential Groups signing Committment with Village Management

Domestic waste and environmental sanitation in residential areas are currently a painful and difficult issues to solve locally. In recent years, governments at all levels have had many solutions, but due to many different reasons, the above issues has not been completely resolved.

"With the support of NS2PC, Lien Vinh Village is determined to successfully implement the self-managed residential model on environmental sanitation." Mr. Le Dinh Dung, Party Cell Secretary, Head of the Village Front Committee said.

Mr. Dung is speaking at the Ceremony

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Le Huu Co, Secretary of the Tinh Hai Ward Party’s Committee said: "Building a self-managed residential model on environmental sanitation is extremely necessary; there is a few model in Nghi Son Town; kindly request Village Management to closely monitor the situation, direct heads of inter-family groups to monitor and remind households to comply with their commitments to keep the residential zone cleaner"

At the Ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Thien, G&A General Manager, would like to express the authority, organizations, and households for their commitment to responsible participation; hopefully the model will be a sustainable success and be expanded in other residential zones.

Mr. Thien is speaking at the Ceremony

At the Conference, the heads of 21 residential groups of Lien Vinh village signed a commitment with the management board of the residential group to implement the model.

Previously, such households had signed a commitment with the leader of the residential group about their responsibilities, including the following paragraphs: In case a trash bin is lost or damaged for any reason, households must buy another trash bin to replace it. If within 14 days, that household does not buy one, the Village Management Board will buy a new trash bin and the household must compensate for this”. To ensure the management, each trash bin has a unique code./.

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