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People who "keep the light source" on New Year's Eve

Spring is coming, peach blossoms are blooming, people's hearts turn to their ancestral homeland; Everyone has home to go, every house is bustling with laughter! In the moment of New Year's Eve, the sacred harmony of heaven and earth, at Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant, a team of workers and engineers put aside homesickness and miss their homeland, diligently monitoring the technical parameters on the system to  operates stably 24/24 hours, contributing to providing light sources for all streets and countryside, bustling with laughter and joy on the occasion of Tet and Spring.

The team who  "keep the light source" on New Year's Eve

As a participant in many large energy projects in Vietnam, understanding the sacredness of New Year's Eve for Vietnamese people, Mr. Michael W. Savidge, PGM of NS2PC, a Director of Nghi Son 2 Power Plant, has regularly visit, encourage, and give lucky money to the workers and engineers on shift to relieve homesickness and ensure the Plant operates stably. He sent his thanks to the families whose children are on duty to operate the Plant for encouraging their children to put aside housework to carry out company work, contributing to ensuring the Plant operates stably 24/7.

Mr. Michael W. Savidge, PGM checking the echnical parameters

"Not being able to celebrate New Year's Eve with my family, at first I felt a bit sad, but with the encouragement from the Management, the many colleagues arround me, having peach blossoms, and candy, I felt like I was in a big familhy,  NS2PC echoed with happy laughter to welcome the new year, so I also felt happy. The happiest thing is that I can contribute a small part to ensure a source of light for people to enjoy Tet, including my family in the countryside." Mr.  Nguyễn Văn Quảng shared.

Happy New Year!