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KEPCO is proud to invest in Thanh Hoa, a sacred land with extraordinary people

"Thanh Hoa province is a sacred land with extraordinary people, KEPCO is proud to successfully invest in the Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Project – a second largest project in a land with a long tradition of history and culture", Mr. Chun Chan Hyuk, Vice President, Director of Global Business Development Department, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) said at the meeting with Mr. Do Trong Hung, Secretary of Thanh Hoa Provincial Party’s Committee, Chairman of the Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Council and key leaders of Thanh Hoa province at the Thanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee headquarters on the afternoon of June 11, 2024.

Mr. Chun Chan Hyuk on the left and Mr. Do Trong Hung on the right 

On this occasion, Mr. Chun Chan Hyuk, on behalf of the KEPCO delegation, thanked the leaders of Thanh Hoa province and local people for their responsible cooperation and dedicated support for NS2PC to successfully build the Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant Project safely and on schedule (Project information see last part).

Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant is KEPCO's first major investment project in Vietnam. Following that success, with technological and human strengths, KEPCO is implementing large energy projects in some provinces such as Ha Tinh, Dong Nai…. Mr. Chun Chan Hyuk said.

At the meeting, Mr. Chun Chan Hyuk was interested in Thanh Hoa province's plan to implement the commitment of the Prime Minister of Vietnam at COP 26 Seminar to bring net emissions to zero by 2050. With development experience of 126 years, technological and human strengths, KEPCO considers participating in implementing renewable energy projects in Thanh Hoa in particular and Vietnam in general, contributing to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Mr. Do Trong Hung on the right was introducing the potentials and advantages of envestment in Thanh Hoa to Mr. Chun Chan Hyuk 

Mr. Do Trong Hung acknowledged and highly appreciated NS2PC invested by KEPCO for not only contributing to national energy security but also implementing many usefull community social responsibility programs.

Nghi Son Economic Zone is one of eight key economic zones in the country. The Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant Project has been making a significant contribution to bringing the position and strength of Nghi Son Economic Zone to high level, highlighting the development roadmap to become a key energy center of the country, Mr. Hung strongly emphasized.

With the potential, position and advantages of Nghi Son Economic Zone in particular and Thanh Hoa province in general, Thanh Hoa province always welcomes, creates favorable conditions, and cooperates responsibly to satisfy investors in general and KEPCO in particular to invest in the spirit of "Share opportunities, common interests."

NS2PC builds BOT Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant worth nearly 2.8 billion USD from 2018 - 2022 invested by Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO - 50%) and Marubeni Group (40%), Tohoku Electric Company (10%), Japan. The plant has a net capacity of 1,200 MW, an output of 7.8 billion kWh per year, providing electricity to more than 6 million households; After 25 years of operation, NS2PC will hand over the plant to EVN for continued operation.

More detail about NS2PC as can be seen from following clip