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NS2PC’s CEO: “Local community acts towards global mindset”

"Local community acts towards global mindset", Mr. Choi Chung Kook, President & CEO of NS2PC emphasized at the Launching Ceremony of joining hands to make Hai Thuong ward cleaner organized by Hai Thuong Ward People's Committee together with NS2PC, Nghi Son Border Guard Command, Nghi Son Cement Company, Odendorff on May 25, 2025.

Mr. Choi Chung Kook is speaking at the Ceremony

Mr. Choi Chung Kook added, please quote:

“World Environment Day calls upon us, global citizens, to join hands in protecting and cleaning up our planet. We are partners, neighbors, and members of the local community, which is why we are here today at the launch ceremony for “Together make community cleaner".

To become a trusted partner, a responsible neighbor, and an active member of the community, NS2PC has been proactively supporting the local community in its socio-economic development and environmental protection through the NS2PC Corporate Social Responsibility program.

The Earth, our home, is facing environmental pollution. To address this issue, it is crucial to raise awareness and change the behavior of all of us, in the spirit of “Local community acts towards global mindset"

This will be a long journey. And that’s why we brought our children here for a special reason. It's a chance for them to learn important lessons outside of school.  From all of you, they'll gain a sense of responsibility for our shared community, the place we all call home. I have no doubt they'll take away valuable experiences and continue to write great stories about the spirit of personal responsibility towards their own community.

Also on this occasion, with a gift of 395 trash bins to local homes, NS2PC would like to work together with residents to make our community cleaner.!


Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to the organizing committee for giving us the opportunity to be here and fulfill our personal responsibility within our shared community”.

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