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Racing and cooperation as a part of life

“Work cooperation, racing to reach the goal first, that life is! Otherwise, you are the behind person” said by Mr. Michael W. Savidge – EVP/PGM of Nghi Son 2 Power LLC at the opening ceremony of 2nd NS2PC Trade Union Sports Festival dated Apr 22, 2024.

Mr. Michael W. Savidge speaking at the Ceremony

He acknowledged the cooperation and sharing sprit of whole employees who are massively contributing to the Plant’s stable and safe operation. He also praised sport spirit, physical exercise of NS2PC Trade Union family members, “Health is wealth, you are healthy, you have thousands of dreams and you can race against time, friends, colleagues and partners” he emphasized.

Racing to reach the goal first

Speaking in the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Thien – NS2PC Trade Union Chairman sincerely expressed his gratitude for the enthusiastic participation of nearly 200 TU members and their family, he kindly requests the participants with the honesty and magnanimity to join the competition; the Arbitration Team has to works responsibly, fairly and objectively to contribute to the success of the Sports Festival.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thien speeking at the Ceremmony

Attending the Ceremony, Mr. Ngo The Anh, Chairman of the  NSEZ Trade Union also acknowledged and praised the efforts of the NS2PC Trade Union, even though just being established for 2 years, NS2PC Trade Union has strongly shown the achievements in taking care of employees' rights as well as organized the plenty of meaningful activities to engage the Union members balancing work and life.

Mr. Ngô The Anh speaking at the Ceremony

The Sport Festival is taking place from April 22, 2024 to May 19, 2024 with the outstanding competitive sports including volleyball, football, athletics, tennis, and table tennis. The Festival is also aiming towards celebrating the 95th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Vietnam Trade Union.

Some photos at the Ceremony

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