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EVP/PGM of NS2PC has received the delegation of Viet Nam Electricity (EVN)

On the morning of February 23, 2024, Mr. Michael W. Savidge, EVP/PGM of NS2PC has received the EVN delegation to inspect the electricity supply in the dry season 2024, which is headed by Mr. Dang Huy Cuong, Member of EVN's Board of Directors.

Together participants includes the representatives of NS2PC management and departments; representatives of members of EVN's Board of Directors, units of EVN, ERAV, NLDC.

Mr. Michael W. Savidge speaking at the Meeting

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Michael W. Savidge would like to welcome EVN delegation to visit and work at Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant at the beginning of Dragon year 2024. On behalf of the Board of Directors of NS2PC, he respectfully thanks and appreciates the responsible support and cooperation of EVN and EVN’s subsidiaries in recent times so that NS2PC can properly build and operate the Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant assigned by the Government of Vietnam.

In 2023, under many difficulties due to unexpected domestic and international situations and inflation, but with the efforts of NS2PC and active cooperation of EVN in particular and governments in general, Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant has generated more than 6.22 billion kWh to the national grid, exceeding the target of more than 100 million kWh.

Mr. Ngo Son Hai, EVN’s Executive Vice President highly appreciated NS2PC's efforts to overcome difficulties, generating more than 6.2 billion kWh of electricity to the national grid in 2023. In 2024, the weather situation will have many unpredictable fluctuations, making it difficult to determine the amount of rainwater for hydroelectric plants. To ensure the national energy security, he requests NS2PC to produce and connect to the national power grid the minimum electricity output as signed agreement (7,173 billion kWh) and is expected to increase by 10% compared to the agreement.

Mr. Ngo Son Hai speaking at the Meeting

To well implement the expected increase in electricity output of 10% (depending on actual situation) in 2024, Mr. Ngo Son Hai requested EVN's subsidiaries to update information monthly and inform the mobilization plan in advance so that NS2PC has a plan to import coal fuel and proactively produce to ensure National Energy Security.

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