Giỏ hàng

On 10th February 2019 during Tet Holiday, the Elderly's Association of Hai Ha Commune and the Elderly Association of each 9 village in Hai Ha Commune organized “Longevity Ceremony” with the local authority and the related parties in Hai Ha Commune, Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province for celebrating 81 elderly people who reached the memorial age of 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100. Hai Ha Commune is located close to our Project site.

The Longevity Ceremony is an important traditional culture of the Vietnamese nation to admire and respect elderly people for their longevity and contributions to the homeland development for a long time.

Under one of the Corporate Social Responsibility programs (the “CSR Programs”), Nghi Son 2 Power Limited Liability Company (“NS2PC”) attended the Longevity Ceremony on that date, and delivered the gifts useful for their good health together with our Longevity Celebration Letters to each of 81 elderly people in order to express our respect for their contributions to their homeland development and wish their happiness with their families and local communities.

In the Longevity Ceremony, around 100 participants (including celebrated elderly people, their families, Hai Ha Commune People’s Committee and the related parties joined) in each village joined and celebated splendidly. The participants kindly delivered warm messages to our attendance and deep understanding to the Vietanemse traditional culture. The Longevity Ceremony closed succcefully as one of the memorial event which will strengthen the relationship among the local community, the local authority and us.

Through attending in this Ceremony, we felt quite happy with sharing the joys with the local people as a member of the local community. NS2PC is willing to join the local community events and support them for activating the local community’s activity under CSR programs.